Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More flaming retardation from the Ron Paul cult

Looking back on tonight's debate in South Carolina, which was clearly a win for Newt Gingrich, I find it wildly entertaining, and all too typical, that the Drudge Report's poll on who won the debate has Ron Paul in the lead.

Now, this is likely due to spamming, as is the nature of Paulbots. But what is even more entertaining is the fact that they do things like this regardless of, well, everything.

Face it, whether you are a Ron Paul supporter or not, he did absolutely awful in this debate. Now all the Paul cultists are trying to explain away, much the same way Paul routinely explains away the actions of terrorists, that the audience was planted by Fox News to boo Ron Paul, that he was strategically placed on the end, and that there is a grand conspiracy by the media to shut him up.

I have seen just as much coverage of Ron Paul as any other candidate, if not more so. You can defend the deity Pope Ron Paul all you want but you can't escape fact. And the facts are this: Ron Paul is by far the worst debater in the GOP field. Ron Paul is absolutely awful at trying to convey his message. I think there is a delusion among the Ron Paul militant brigade that they are the majority, sweeping the country in their wet dream "Revolution". Has it ever occurred to you that just because you live on the internet, spending hours a day in DailyPaul chatrooms, message boards, threads, Yahoo News comments sections, Youtube comment sections, and any comment section under any given article on the web, not everyone regards Ron Paul so highly? I guess when you surround yourself with others who think like you, it is hard to believe that there are actually people out there that don't agree with you, and even harder to believe that they outnumber you. This was the case tonight at the debate, and Ron Paul, the defeatist, got booed because he doesn't have a spine and he doesn't have a solid plan for defense in a time of war. His plan to "bring all the troops home" and close down every military base abroad is naive and foolish. It is only viable to someone with a simplistic worldview and someone who does not understand history in a broader context. Does Ron Paul or any Ron Paul followers have any knowledge of the Battle of Tours or the Siege of Vienna? Probably not. And does Ron Paul or any Ron Paul supporters have an explanation (other than blaming the United States of course) for the Islamic terrorist attacks in 2011 that occurred in Brazil, China, Russia, and Thailand? Denial of an explicit threat is dangerous. And running away is even more dangerous. The world is not a utopia. Evil doesn't simply disappear if you run and hide in your tree fort and put your hands over your eyes.

As for Ron Paul zombies, I have never seen such a disgusting bunch of mob like cult followers in all my life. It is borderline insanity anymore. I know I am not the only one who thinks this way. Just look at some of the comments around the web. Just read them. Unbelievable. I have heard Ron Paul supporters attack every single conservative in the United States. I have heard Ron Paul supporters attack every voice for conservatism in this country. Beck. Hannity. Limbaugh. Boortz. Levin. Savage. O'Reilly. Granted, these people are by no means perfect. But they aren't our enemy. I have seen harsher words from Ron Paul supporters towards these people than from Obama supporters. And these people are supposedly representative of the Republican party?! How about fellow conservatives in government? We already see the vicious attacks within the current GOP race. Let's call it politics and go beyond that. There is not a single Republican out there worthy of even the most tepid support from a Paulite. I have heard Paulites attack Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, Jim Demint, Eric Cantor, Mitch Daniels, Allen West. I have heard Ron Paul supporters on more than one occasion attack RONALD REAGAN! This insanity has to stop, and conservatives need to understand that this is not who represents our values. There is not a single Republican or conservative out there who is immune to the scathing ridicule from people who follow Ron Paul. This is none other than cult behavior by the book.

To further the asininity, another common comment from the Paul crowd is...."If Ron Paul is not the nominee, I won't vote. America deserves 4 more years of Obama." Talk about sour grapes. Whiny little losers. Well, I can tell you one thing...after tonight's debate, I am pretty sure Ron Paul is not going to be the nominee. In fact, it is a safe bet that after the vote in South Carolina, Ron Paul's campaign will be over for good. Good riddance. Then wait to see the whining, crying, and bedwetting by these donkeys in red paint. We will hear about how the media shunned Ron Paul. We will hear about how the Zionist New World Order kept him from winning. We will hear about how whoever is nominated is just as bad as Barack Obama. The list of gripes, complaints, and messy diapers will be endless.

Oh, and according to hundreds of comments I have read from Ron Paul supporters over the past week and a half, if Ron Paul is not nominated they will vote for Barack Obama. If that, along with the above, isn't an indicator of the Ron Paul base, I don't know what is.

I hadn't planned on writing this post. In fact, I had vowed to tone down my criticism for Ron Paul and his followers after recently posting quite a few blogs against him. What stirred me enough to hastily write this? A simple attempt to watch a video of Marco Rubio on Youtube, a conservative I admire and wish was running for president, getting marred by anti-Rubio comments from raving lunatic Ron Paul supporters who say he is just as bad as a Democrat. Unreal.


Jim McKee said...

You said it very well, Hack.

I'd be willing to bet that most of Ron Paul's support comes from his idea to legalize drugs. THAT is NOT a conservative position.

Jarheads Blog said...

Somebody asked me why I have so many problems with Ron Paul.
I could sum it up in one sentence.

Because I don't want another IDIOT running and ruining my country.

Ron Russell said...

I'm thought about Ron's supporters and agree with Jim, that many of them must be pot-heads. And would like to get their "stash" at the local Drug Store!

Paul would have us tossing bananas at the monkeys trying to kill us. Frankly he scares the hell out of me!

Plahndo said...

Ron Paul better break out the damage control AND PART WAYS WITH THE PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL ASSHEADS! Liberals HATE THE CONSTITUTION! They are the ones that have been ripping it apart. They are the TRUE COMMUNISTS!

JimmyT said...

Let me start off by saying I respect a lot of your opinions on Islam and generaly most of your political views are spot on with mine. I am a registered Rep. For 15 yrs. I also on the other hand am a "Paulbot" apparently. I would just like to remind you and others. There are sane Ron Paul suporters who don't smoke pot or do drugs. I simply like the man because he is honest! That goes a long way in my book. His ideas about withdrawing miltary bases and putting a halt to playing policeman to the world also sits well with me. Yes, some of his ideas are less than apealing to me. At the same time I believe that our original "Constitutional"checks and balances should keep anything that's way out there from coming to fruition. Hack, I have a lot of respect for you just by reading your opinions in the past year or so. Just try not to stereotype us all buddy.


Hack said...

JimmyT, thanks for the response and I should have been more clear that this post wasn't a mass indictment of all Ron Paul supporters. In fact, like I wrote, it wasn't even planned and I really do not like to bash a fellow Republican during election time. But there are way too many liberals in disguise in your camp, and one need only to look around at comments made and things said by them to see it.

Allen said...

No, the debate the other night was not his best, not at all. I knew a 2 hour FOX debate would be tough. I I do say that he crushed everyone tonight on CNN's debate. He also had more time to talk tonight. Do you really think he is given fair amount of time to talk and gets the same quality of questions at the FOX debates? Such a different crowd too, no booing about recommending going with the golden rule, and no loud cheers after booming speeches from cults of personality. Hack, keep writing away about your passions, but I don't think highlighting his obnoxious supporters is productive for a message that deserves the spotlight. Do you disagree? There are obnoxious people everywhere. I was a Ron Paul delegate at the Missouri GOP state convention in 2008 and I saw what we're up against, the Republican party is a mess right now, and I genuinely believe his message is the right path. I've posed a question a couple times on here, but I'm not gotten any responses on here. Has your life personally been affected in Clinton, Bush, and Obama's presidency? If it has, how has it been as a direct result of their policies? No other republican candidate is contrasting with Obama. There are small distractions that people get caught up on, but I don't see any major shifts in policy that will bring about correcting our path. And no, Ron Paul's support didn't grow massively from 2008 because of pot heads.

Hack said...

I agree, he did a good job in tonight's debate. And yes, I admit the media has done a crappy job of coverage at times. What the hell happened tonight where they just skipped him on the topic of abortion? If they indeed are trying to silence him, they do a terrible job of it. In response to your question Allen, I don't have a definitive answer.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

You may not have planned on writing this post, but I'm glad you did! You're so right (and eloquent).

Mayz said...

HI! You guys can randomly drug test me. I am a Ron Paul supporter.