Monday, January 16, 2012

Newt Gingrich mops the floor with Juan Williams at South Carolina debate (VIDEO)

Halfway through....

-Romney is stuttering like a misprogrammed robot

-Santorum has been better than usual

-Rick Perry has miraculously woken up from his 2 month long hangover

-Ron Paul has brought the house down on occasion and brought boos on others

-And Newt Gingrich absolutely bitchslapped Juan Williams

Post Debate analysis

This was Newt's night. Period. There is nothing else to say except that all the others did very well, but nothing memorable like Newt Gingrich's passion, finesse, and debating skill. Here is a video of Newt making a twistie tie out of Juan Williams....

This was the highlight of the night and something people will remember. 


Fredd said...

You must have seen a different debate than I did, Hack:

Ron Paul not only needed the 'gong' as noted by Rick Perry, he needed the Vaudeville hook. Ron Paul sounded like a complete idiot, the guy's a kook.

Santorum started off defensively, and sounded petulent. He was not better than usual, he was worse. And I would have preferred that he won this one. But he didn't.

Romney held his own, and likely will win the SC primary, and did not stammer and stutter, he did fine.

Rick Perry DID finally wake up, but too little, too late.

We both agree that Newt did well, and that hanging softball that liberal Juan threw Newt was a gimme. Newt did very well, too, and will finish second.

Fredd's prediction as to the South Carolina primary:

1st: Mitt Romney
2nd: Newt Gingrich
3rd: Rick Perry
4th: Rick Santorum
5th: Ron Paul

Don't get me wrong, Hack. I am a Michelle Bachmann guy, but hey, she was flushed by a bunch of hayseed, bumpkin hicks in Iowa who all just fell off of all of their turnip trucks, and who can't make it day to day without their corn and ethanol subsidies.

Mark Adams said...

Newt's power statement to Juan brought the house down, or should I say to their feet. Thats the kind of fire in the belly I'd like to see from all the candidates, because we will need to bring the Chicago pukes down to their knees in Nov!

Kid said...

Juan Williams is such a tool for the liberals it is a shame that the country allows people like this a voice when they are constantly saying things that wouldn't get a passing grade in a test in 2nd grade.