Monday, January 16, 2012

Links from around the blogosphere...

As I enjoy a mountain of views today coming from my most recent post about NFL referee Bill Leavy rigging the Packers/Giants game, I decided now would be a good time to link to some of the interesting stories of the day.

From Libertarian Republican- Muslim father in Switzerland kills daughter with axe because she dated a Christian boy (Praise Allah!)

Western Hero has an interesting post about the Chilean social security model.

Holger Awakens- America's Turncoat Media Delights In Attacking U.S. Marines Over Pissing Incident

Fuzzy Logic has a great post on Ron Paul's foreign policy and his remark about "feeling empathy" for Iran.

The Last Tradition- That didn’t take long: MSNBC attacks Mitt Romney for giving cash to struggling Black woman

Adrienne's Corner- Obamacare Chart Updated

TOTUS: Piss on Taliban

Legal Insurrection- Bullitt wasn’t the word I had in mind

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