Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why does the Islamic world hate us?



DeanO said...

Hack - definitely a video I will take the time to watch. Thanks.

Ron Russell said...

That is graphic Hack---and they will go "all out to put us all down"! Just received your request to be added to the "Defeat Obama in 2012" widget. I just added you to both the long form and the slider widget at Defeat Obama in 2012 and to the blogroll there. I will add you to the widget at all my sites as soon as you install the widget on your site and when I update at the end of the month you will be added to all existing external sites. I will need you to email me at so I can email you the code. Please indicate if you want the long form or the slider. I think either would work on your site. Thanks again for your support in this small effort to make BHO a one term president.