Thursday, January 12, 2012

I support the Marines who urinated on dead Taliban bodies.

The reaction by the military brass, the mainstream media, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the president of Afghanistan, and anyone else condemning these Marines is appalling.

A long time ago, in a land far far away, Americans and military command, the American media, and those in high positions of power supported our fighting men and their mission, in good times and bad.

Today we live in an America that has turned its back altogether on the military, whether it be outright hostility towards their cause in Afghanistan or this disgusting, tantrum like reaction to this video of our brave troops desecrating Taliban bodies.

What is more vile than urinating on dead enemy bodies? The public outcry here at home and the traitorous abandonment by the military brass, the liberals, and everyone else is deplorable. It's disgusting. They act as if these are civilians. It's the enemy for goodness sake.

Imagine this. You are a 21 year old Marine deployed in the most hostile region of Afghanistan. You endure the heat, the physical toll of day to day operations, and heavy combat nearly every day. You have little food. No comforts of home. You know that the American public back home doesn't support your mission, yet you have to put your life on the line every single day anyway. You never know if the next day might be your last. You have seen first hand the brutality of the Taliban. Get the picture?

These people quick to criticize our fighting men as "animals" or whatever term they want to use have absolutely no idea what combat is like. They probably have never even held a rifle before.

What's worse, the media continues to run this story, plastering it everywhere they can and at the same time they pretend to play neutral, as if they have absolutely no involvement whatsoever in the story exploding worldwide. SHAME on them.

These people in the media and elsewhere whining and complaining about these 4 Marines make me sick. They are "outraged" all day by what these boys did overseas while they surf their internet, drink their lattes, eat their burgers and fries, watch their big screen HDTV, kiss their husband/wife/children, buy their new cars, new Ipods, new cameras, new clothes............ They couldn't imagine in their wildest dreams what it is like to be in a combat zone, fearing for their life every day.

I support these Marines. I still support the mission in Afghanistan. The Taliban are evil, evil people. Kill every last one, Marines. And keep desecrating the bodies. 


Fredd said...

I too support pissing on dead, Taliban bodies. Shitting on them, too.

Filming this? Iffy.

Posting it on the Internet? Not so much.

Gorges Smythe said...

I haven't earned the right, like THEY did,but give me the chance and I'd piss on 'em, too!

Mark Adams said...

As I read many media outlet article on this, I was wondering how the readers would react on the comment sections. Surprisingly enough, a overwhelming majority of the comments where in support of such actions by our marines. But this is the BC BS world we are living in... The top guy in the Whitehouse doesn't want our enemy pissed (pun intended) off at us.

Jim McKee said...

In addition to that, maybe stuff a pork chop in their mouths.

fuzzys dad said...

Amen Hack

Teresa said...

I think the soldiers should pour bacon grease all over the Korans and the dead bodies. It pisses me off the way the media judges our soldiers. They need to be sent off to combat for a year and experience the "friendliness" of the natives.

jim meyer said...


Kid said...

Condemn the Marines? Where are the left when Afghan women and more so, Child Brides are tortured by the taliban. Why don't those videos go 'viral'?

It's because they don't give a shit about anything but themselves.

Marines are only human. Things like this happened during WWII, which only lasted 4 years. These people have been at it for 9 years. And to call the enemy that they grapple with over there animals would be an insult to animals.

Making videos is pretty stupid tho.

Well, if it's a violation of UCMJ, it's a violation and they knew it going in.

Mark Adams said...

Col Allen West tell the those condemning this “All these over-emotional pundits and armchair quarterbacks need to chill. Does anyone remember the two Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division who were beheaded and gutted in Iraq?
...unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell.”

Jarheads Blog said...

I'm with what Teresa said..

Dr. Mohmmad said...

If I remember well? the Nazis (in the era of thier domination in Europe) were doing the same thing (or even something heavier) over carcases of some dead people. So these US soldiers mus be a faction similar to the Nazis? Unless somebody convinces me that they are practising some sexual perversion they are missing in this dirty war away from home like piss play? US forces seem to have been brainwashed to become human killers with disrespect, but are they also supported by a large fraction of the US people, if not all? Kudos!!

Hack said...

I see, no words of condemnation for the Taliban. Typical.

Kid said...

Dr Mohmmad, You don't know your history very well.

Here's a quick primer, then you go do some research. I'm not your secretary eh?

The japanese tossed Chinese babies around to each other like a game of Hi Lai using their swords. In front of the parents.

The japanese in WWII would take hot motor oil and a funnel and pour it into the mouths of captured American boys, then jump on their stomachs and cause them to drown as the hot oil filled their lungs.

Stalin murdered 40 million russians in cold blood after WWII.

You know about the jews and germans.

The hussein machine in Iraq put babies through wood chippers while their parents watched.

Every other country beside America has committed such atrocities in modern times. Last 100 years. Over and Over, continuing as we speak. To go on forever in the islam world no doubt.

This incident? Isolated incident. Some US soldiers pissed on some dead guys. Good Lord. Plan a holiday visit to reality someday. I think the tickets are discounted right now.