Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Ghetto Culture: Racism or Reality?

I don't know a single person who accepts the ghetto culture that infests America's inner cities as a good thing, except maybe those who thrive within the ghetto culture itself. It is a vile, backwards, demeaning, and destructive lifestyle that has ruined the black community, and anyone who lives near or works in an inner city knows these cold, hard truths.

What really irks me more than the ghetto culture itself? There are some righteous, white liberals reading this who already brand me a racist for the above statement of truth. They chastise anyone of non-color for holding the black community accountable for their destructive ways, but deep down they know the truth and they hate the ghetto culture just as much as the next guy.

It's not about skin color, it's about lifestyle.

The majority of blacks in America engage in this ghetto culture that is synonymous with violent crime but the ire directed towards them is always misconstrued as racism, or hatred for only their race. This isn't the case and the reaction you get from the following picture proves that it isn't about skin color, but a lifestyle.

Eminem vs. Darius Rucker....The Are You A Racist Test

Eminem is the perfect example of a white person who engages in the revolting ghetto culture. He is disgusting. You likely got a negative reaction when you looked at him and a positive reaction when you looked at Darius Rucker. This is the perfect illustration to demonstrate that is isn't about skin color, but lifestyle and culture. 

The sad fact of the matter is, most blacks resemble the guy on the left and not the guy on the right. The fact that the crime infested ghetto lifestyle is directly tied to the race is the reason why so many non blacks feel a negative impulse towards them. It is because of the lifestyle, not the skin color. There are plenty of suburban white youths who resemble Eminem. These white people wearing "bling" and sagging their shorts to their ankles are just as repulsive as black people that do it. And black people that work hard and behave like decent human beings are just as acceptable as white people that do so.

It is the culture and the lifestyle. Gold teeth, excessive tattoos, baggy clothes, rap lyrics that advocate criminal activity and demean women, and profane ghetto dialect have all become a complete subculture within the American melting pot. All of its components have become one hundred percent synonymous with violent crime while it breeds like lice and festers like a giant ulcer in each of America's inner cities. I refuse to back down when it comes to this and no bleeding heart liberal living in some namby pamby, east coast Vermont commune who calls me racist will make me think otherwise. You can whine and cry and call me a racist from now until eternity. I don't care. The fact is, we all know this is true and we all should confront it, the black community especially. 

Resenting the ghetto culture isn't racism. It is reality, and should be the duty of every decent human being of any color.

Feel free to spread the Eminem vs. Darius Rucker racism test. It is easy and effective. 


Anonymous said...

Your 100% correct

The Born Again American said...

Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West does a mean Tom Petty, "Running Down A Dream", and he would kick these ghetto thugs into next week... It's a choice, they choose to be victims... Allen West chose not to be, does that make him racist? Darius Rucker (got to admit, I'm only familiar with his work with Hooty and The Blow Fish) made the same choice... He's not a racist, but anyone who dares to call a spade a spade is... Too bad...

Anonymous said...

I am a hard working college educated mother of two. My husband and I have always worked, payed our taxes and behaved as responsible Americans. This article is so true and no, the author is not a racist. The ghetto fraction within the black community celebrates that lifestyle. Therefore, they see no reason to change. Broken families, young uneducated mothers, absent fathers, a complete disrespect for education, disrespect for the law and basic human civility is the problem. Ghetto blacks blame everyone but themselves. Every time a baby is born to a young ghetto mom, another chain in the perpetual link of ghettoism is added. By the way, I'm black; and other blacks who conduct themselves like I despise that ghetto element!