Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Nazi" Police Checkpoints in America!

These people piss me off! They are no different than the Occupy freaks who scream "police brutality!" when an officer moves them along. What they don't ever take into consideration is that police officers are citizens too, and if you demand he give you his badge number, you should give him your ID when he asks. Simple as that.

Along with progressive liberals whose philosophy on government is in direct conflict with the Constitution, there is really only one other politically connected group in America I completely detest. The people in the above video. The Alex Jones cult following anarchists who broil in concocted conspiracy theories day in and day out. While a smidgen of what Alex Jones preaches does have merit, much of what he babbles on about is complete fallacy. In between interviews on the subversive Kremlin funded Russia Today and incoherent ramblings about 9/11 being an inside job, what really gets under my skin is the blatant hatred for police.

Many of Alex Jones's followers are full blown anarchists who wrap themselves in the Constitution as a rhetorical fashion statement. Their view of limited government is no government. They twist the Founders' long meditated on words on revolution to fit their own immature impulses against any and all forms of authority. This rebellion against authority manifests itself in complete disrespect for police and law enforcement. While I do agree some police actions across the country in isolated incidents have certainly crossed the line, I do NOT agree with labeling police DUI checkpoints "Nazi" checkpoints or blatantly disrespecting police efforts to save lives.

You can see a myriad of videos on Youtube of these Alex Jones indoctrinated cultists who hate police. Among some of the actions you can see by these freaks:

-Walking out in public with an AK-47 to bait police and then not complying when they calmly ask for proof of legal ownership. (video)
-Protesting and interfering with a DUI checkpoint while officers simply check IDs (video)
-Walking into a crowded Steak N' Shake in a group of 16, all carrying visible weapons, in order to bait police and when police arrive due to a concerned citizen's call, refuse to provide any ID. (video)

Technically all of these are within the law. But these people deliberately bait police and then refuse to comply when confronted, simply to make a political statement. I disagree with this. I am the biggest supporter of concealed carry, open carry, and gun ownership and I believe it should be legal across the land. But I do NOT condone disrespecting law enforcement officers who remain professional and simply want to make sure you are not a crazy person who should not be carrying a loaded weapon in public. Give me one justifiable reason why you can't simply give the officer your drivers license so he can make sure you can legally carry the weapon?

This Adam Kokesh character seems to be the 2nd in command cult commander under Alex Jones for this specific gun nut movement, and oddly enough, he also has his own program on subversive Kremlin funded, Putin formed, Russia Today as well.

These Alex Jones fake patriots who believe in no law should be barred from ever calling 911 for police assistance in the case of an emergency. They have earned it. 


Silverfiddle said...

Very well stated, Hack.

I agree with every word. Yes, the police state is too large and oppressive, but this is not how you push back.

Gorges Smythe said...

Don't really care much for cops OR crackpots. Both are usually good examples of people who make gun control look logical, since neither can be completely trusted with guns.

JadedZack said...

I aggree as well.It takes only 2 mins to show them your ID,unlawful searches of your belongings,car,or home however is a different story.how many stories have you heard of planted evidence just because of a cop that had a chip on his shoulder,or the case where this poor old woman was arrested on drug charges because she aggreed to let police into her home and they found drugs in her couch.its'more likely that those drugs were put there by one of her family members that stayed over,but because it was her residence police charged her with possession and she was escorted to jail.