Monday, July 9, 2012

Obama's Afghanistan Legacy

6 more US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan on Sunday. Does President Obama give a damn? Not likely. Politicking is his game, in a perpetual state of campaigning to domestically transform America, not sympathetic to those petty squabbles in far away lands...even if our troops are still there. Who cares about them!

Over the Bush years from October 2001, when the Afghan War started, and December 2008, when Bush's rule was pretty much over, American troop deaths had reached a total of 630. An average of 7.2 deaths a month over an 87 month span. That was Bush.

Obama? Try this calculation...

Total American troop deaths: 1408

Total months Obama has been in office: 42

Troop deaths per month under Obama: ???

That's 33.5 dead Americans under Obama each month for those of you who are mathematically challenged. In fact, if you look at the numbers, troop deaths in Afghanistan spiked at an unprecedented rate immediately after Obama took office, and have not come down since.

That red line marks the beginning of the Obama Afghanistan War Legacy. The graph speaks for itself. 

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C.S.B. said...

This may sound bad, but I'm going to say it anyway because it's the truth and needs to be said. Of course Mr. Obama doen't care about our troops. Most of them vote Republican. They're not a voting block he can depend on for reelection.

Also, forgive me if this sounds like a conspiracy theory, but wouldn't the crippling of our military through spending cuts and deaths of our soldiers coupled with the June 27th signing of the Global Arms Trade Treaty (ODA/57-2012/ATT) be a good way to limit America's ability to protect itself from foreign invaders? I mean, with this treaty, we loose our right to bear arms. So wouldn't that leave us vulnerable to...ah, never mind. Not like Americans care about trivial things like the gutting of our military and Constitution...

I thank the Lord for our brave servicemen who risk life and limb at home and abroad to protect our freedoms and ask Him to guide and protect these men and women and bring comfort and healing to the injured and families of the slain.

God Bless,