Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Romney vs. Obama state by state poll numbers. JULY 11, 2012.

For the current polling data, I source the RealClearPolitics aggregate. The first statistic listed will be the 2008 election result, and the second the current poll numbers.

Latest numbers July 4-July 11, 2012

Romney +1- Washington Times
Tie- ABC News
Obama +6- Reuters
Obama +3- Quinnipac
Obama +2- Gallup
Romney +1- Rasmussen

California- Obama +18- Field
Virginia- Obama +8- PPD
Florida- Romney +1- Rasmussen
North Carolina- Obama +1- PPD
Pennsylvania- Obama +7- WeAskAmerica
Wisconsin- Obama +8- Marquette Univ.
Wisconsin- Obama +6- PPD
New Mexico- Obama +11- WeAskAmerica
Maine- Obama +14- Critical Insights

As of July 11, 2012

*Bold denotes swing state or emerging swing state

Alabama- McCain +21-----n/a
Alaska- McCain +21-----n/a
Arizona- McCain +9-----Romney +7 
Arkansas- McCain +20-----Romney +24
California- Obama +24-----Obama +17
Colorado- Obama +9-----Obama +3
Connecticut- Obama +23-----Obama +12
Delaware- Obama +24-----n/a
D.C.- Obama +86-----n/a
Florida- Obama +3-----Obama +1  (Romney +1 from last week) 
Georgia- McCain +5-----Romney +10
Hawaii- Obama +46-----Obama +27
Idaho- McCain +25-----n/a
Illinois- Obama +25-----Obama +17
Indiana- Obama +1-----Romney +9
Iowa- Obama +10-----Obama +2
Kansas- McCain +15-----n/a
Kentucky- McCain +16-----n/a
Louisiana- McCain +18-----n/a
Maine- Obama +17-----Obama +15 (Romney +1 from last week)
Maryland- Obama +25-----Obama +23
Massachusetts- Obama +25-----Obama +19 
Michigan- Obama +16-----Obama +2
Minnesota- Obama +10-----Obama +12
Mississippi- McCain +13-----n/a
Missouri- McCain +1-----Romney +3
Montana- McCain +2-----Romney +9
Nebraska- McCain +14-----Romney +14
Nevada- Obama +13-----Obama +5
New Hampshire- Obama +10-----Obama +6
New Jersey- Obama +16-----Obama +15
New Mexico- Obama +15-----Obama +14
New York- Obama +27-----Obama +25
North Carolina- Obama +1-----Romney +1  (Obama +1 from last week)
North Dakota- McCain +9-----Romney +13
Ohio- Obama +5-----Obama +3 
Oklahoma- McCain +31-----Romney +35
Oregon- Obama +16-----Obama +6 
Pennsylvania- Obama +10-----Obama +8
Rhode Island- Obama +28-----Obama +17
South Carolina- McCain +9-----n/a
South Dakota- McCain +8-----n/a
Tennessee- McCain +15-----Romney +7
Texas- McCain +12-----Romney +7
Utah- McCain +28-----Romney +42
Vermont- Obama +37-----Obama +31
Virginia- Obama +6-----Obama +3 (Obama +1 from last week)
Washington- Obama +17-----Obama +11
West Virginia- McCain +13-----n/a
Wisconsin- Obama +14-----Obama +4  (Obama +1 from last week)
Wyoming- McCain +32-----n/a

Changes- Obama inches ahead in Wisconsin. National polls remain statistical dead heat. 


LibertyAtStake said...

You can keep D.C. at 'n/a' for the duration.


Kid said...

Sounds like a case of "Dewey Wins !"