Saturday, July 7, 2012

America Alone by Mark Steyn

I finally finished this work of artistic and intellectual genius last night and I must say after reading, what I thought I knew before was just the tip of the iceberg. Every single page drips with information meshed with some wildly entertaining prose. Mark Steyn is a master with words and an intellectual juggernaut and all- left, right and center, would do well to listen to what he has to say.

In a nutshell, America Alone describes in great detail the forces behind radical Islam's spread across the globe, including their infiltration into Europe and subsequently, Europe's apathetic attitude towards the situation, their bloated welfare states, and plummeting birth rates. America will be alone without allies when Europe comes under Islamic rule. It isn't a matter of if but when. The demographic trends are set in stone and the fact this book was written over six years ago is even more sobering.

Two of my favorite passages:

"What's the bigger threat? A globalization that exports cheeseburgers or a globalization that exports the harshest and most oppressive features of its culture? Far too many American conservatives still think the dragons are at the far fringes of the map- that in the 21st century The United States can be a 19th century republic untroubled by the world's pathogens because of its sheer distance from them. But in an age of globalized proximity all of us in the modern multicultural West are like Lincoln on the steps of the Capitol that Saturday morning: the world is in the room with us."

"When they want to, Islamists can assimilate at impressive speed. So we have fire breathing imams milking Euro-welfare and litigious lobby groups with high rent legal teams. Neither of these are features of Arab life. Rather, they illustrate how adept Islam is at picking and choosing what aspects of Westernization are useful to it."

Other themes Steyn touches on: How the lazy welfare state has destroyed Europe, how most Islamic terrorists have taken advantage of welfare, how feminism has destroyed the family and native European birthrates, how the United States has refrained from becoming an empire, and how the older generation Muslims who generally embrace moderate Islam and their new host nation is giving way to a new generation of young Muslims who are engaging in more radical Islamic dogmas, such as Wahhabism, with no intention of assimilation. Rather the opposite...they intend to impose Islam everywhere.

I would highly encourage my Ron Paul supporting friends who hate "neocons" to give this book a try. We can't simply retreat behind our borders in this day and age and expect to be safe. The simplistic worldview of..."leave them alone and they will leave us alone" is foolish and demonstrates a lack of understanding for who Muslims are and what they believe. Even Thomas Jefferson knew this way back in early days of America, when American merchant ships began getting picked off by Islamic pirates off the Barbary coast. Jefferson obtained a Q'uran, not because he liked Islam, but because he wanted to learn about an enemy.

Islam is here to stay and it would be a safe bet that in 20-30 years, at least half of the European continent will be Muslim. Think about what that means and the implications of this impending reality.


The Conservative Lady said...

I like Mark Steyn. He's a great fill in host for Rush and I enjoy his articles in National Review and on his website. He is absolutely right about how Islam is spreading quickly across Europe and what a dangerous threat this is to all of us. I blame the media for not doing their job in reporting this situation. Journalism is dead, and it takes brave people like Mr. Steyn to put the facts out there for all of us to see.

Silverfiddle said...

I love Mark Steyn as well, he's so articulate and entertaining while discussing deadly serious subjects. That's a gift.

Fredd said...

Love the guy.

And he's right on every point. We need more guys just like him. Lots more.

Always On Watch said...

I read this when it was first published.