Thursday, May 31, 2012

Video: John Sununu puts Soledad O'Brien in her place.

This guy is a warrior. Watch as he impales O'Brien with her own talking points.

There is just something about this woman, aside from the fact she's a fraud journalist, that gets under my skin. It's like therapy to see someone finally challenge her.

This is the same guy that scolded Chris Matthews and MSNBC earlier this year.

There is a reason why CNN is sinking faster than Rosie O'Donnell in a canoe. 


Adrienne said...

She gets under your skin because she is stupid, has a grating little girl voice, waves her hands around unnecessarily, and gets paid a bunch a money to do the aforementioned stuff.

You're welcome...

Kid said...

Once the gentleman pointed out that the Romney and the Romney crew believe obama is a Citizen (I don't fwiw), the conversation SHOULD have been over.

The fact that she continued to use this pathetic strawman as the entire focus of her interview, shows she is incompetent, ill-prepared, woefully under-qualified (but I repeat myself) to be trying to host interviews.
That a national "news" organization continues to put up with such incompetence from their staff reflects equally on CNN.

CNN, why not just go pick screaming meemee blog commenters off the street to be your presenters. Gee, I guess you actually do.

Silverfiddle said...

Is she now officially the stupidest person on TV?

Silverfiddle said...

Joe Pollock schooled her awhile back when he revealed her gross ignorance about critical race theory. She embarrassed herself by claiming to be an expert, and Pollock exposed here as a Wikipedia cribber.

Then Allen West put her in her place when she challenged him on his socialists in congress comment.

Is she now officially the dumbest woman on TV? I know that's a difficult achievement given that The View is still popular.

Hack said...

I think it would come down to her or Andrea Mitchell. Chris Matthews gives them both a run for their money too.