Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ron Paul drops out, but he's still winning. Isn't he?

I know I've ragged on Ron Paul and certain Ron Paul supporters a lot in recent months, but with the news of Ron Paul dropping out a few days ago, I'd like to give him the credit he deserves for a good campaign. (Yes, he dropped out.)

Far and away he has the most committed and passionate base and that does count for something, whether they are spamming, raving, pot smoking, truther, hippies or not. Ron Paul put up a good fight for a time. Whether he wants to go his own way and run independent or not is his choice. Though I doubt that will impact the race much.

Regardless, a job well done to Ron Paul and his campaign. He did pretty good with what he had.

That said, I don't understand the strategy behind this. The word is that Ron Paul will continue to fight for delegates in already contested states while cutting off all resources to states that have not yet voted. If I could, I would like to remind the Ron Paul camp of a few numbers:

The Delegate Count

NyTimes- Romney 973, Paul 104
RealClearPolitics- Romney 970, Paul 101
Politico- Romney 973, Paul 104
CNN- Romney 919, Paul 82
WSJ- Romney 973, Paul 104
CBS News- Romney 960, Paul 68
Wikipedia- Romney 869, Paul 99

Alas, these numbers mean absolutely nothing, as do the potential delegates up for grabs in the remaining states Ron Paul will not compete in. Like Texas, which has 155, California, which has 172, and New Jersey's 50. I fully expect Romney to clinch the official nomination by the end of May as voting takes place in Nebraska, Oregon, Texas, Arkansas, and Kentucky, with 299 delegates at stake. Even a tepid win in all areas could push Romney past the 1144 mark but he'll likely pass that finish line with ease before the month is over.

Despite this simple 3rd grade calculation, Ron Paul and some of his supporters still think they can win by grabbing uncontested delegates in already contested states. I simply don't understand this strategy. I decided to check out my newest favorite website (it really is) The Daily Paul a few days ago when Ron Paul declared he was not going to contest in future primaries. Their reactions were priceless. "We have not given up! The fight is just beginning!".  "The media is lying! Ron Paul didn't quit!". And my favorite, "We're WINNING!".

Yes, they really do believe they are winning. By winning that means the lowest delegate total that hasn't even surpassed Newt Gingrich yet, as well as the lowest popular vote total by over a million votes. Gingrich garnered 2.5 million. Ron Paul 1.5 million. By comparison, Santorum received 3.5 million votes and Mitt Romney has received 6.3 million votes over the course of the primary season. It's all good though, because Ron Paul is still winning! What is the logic behind this?

I'd like to make it clear to some of the good Ron Paul supporters I know (namely LCR, Chris W at Libertarian Patriot, and Allen who regularly comments here) that these harsh words are never directed at you guys. No way. I respect your support for Paul and always have. But I gotta just say sometimes, the delusion run rampant in the Ron Paul carnival is astounding sometimes. Can't we all just shake hands and make up? The clock is at 2 seconds in the 4th quarter and you're down by 20 points. It's over!

Instead, the lunatics who marred and ruined Ron Paul's bid are committed to the man more than the message. This comment from one of them sums up the attitude perfectly:

"Ron Paul will never die! I am Ron Paul. My family and friends are Ron Paul. Our children and their grandchildrens' grandchildren are Ron Paul. Ron Paul lives on!"

It's the same sort of following that cult leaders throughout history have had. Like Hitler. Mao. Obama. I could never throw so much support behind a political figure or any man for that matter.

What really gets me though is the complete arrogance and disregard for those who have backed Romney. It's as if the 6.3 million people who voted for Romney are conjured up non existent citizens. All part of the media conspiracy I suspect. Their votes don't matter. They never did. The 1.5 million who voted for Ron Paul though, now those votes do.

And the delegates. Are Romney's 900+ hard delegates simply going to defect at Tampa when they hear that Ron Paul has 200? (if that is even possible) What do you predict will happen? The whole convention is going to get swept by Ron Paul Fever and all of a sudden switch their vote to Ron Paul?

Why should anyone support Ron Paul anymore? He has proven time and time again that he can't win. The fight "is just beginning"? Why didn't it begin in January? That's when Romney began fighting. Romney got more votes and got more delegates. For that I give him credit. I also give Ron Paul credit for the accomplishments he did make. But I'm afraid it's the end of the line and has been for some time.


Anonymous said...

fucking douche /\

T.N.B.C. said...

Hopefully this tin foil hat wearing nut will be happy with a speaking engagement at the convention... Even he realzes a third party run would play right int the hands of the Obama camp...

Hack said...

Anonymous: Spoken like a true Ron Paul supporter!

The Conservative Lady said...

Like I commented over at your new blog, it will be interesting if, at the end, Ron Paul will finally endorse Romney. I also wonder if he just keeps going on because of his followers...doesn't want to let them down??? He can't possibly believe he'll win. I just think he wants to speak at the convention and maybe try to push some of his platform into Romney's campaign.
I also think he will not run as a third party. His son is in the Senate and that may reflect poorly on him in some way.

Chuck said...

Onward to symbolic victory, Brave Ron Quixote! Onward!

Chuck said...

And no, Ron Quixote will not endorse Romney. He'll endorse some fringe loser. See, he has to "keep it real" for all the lunatic rubes who donate money to his perpetual campaign.

Unknown said...

Ron Pauls' vision was the closest to restoring a true republic to our nation than others. I really liked the way he did not waver or flip flop. He is who he is and gave an image of someone who would tell you where he stood. No matter if you liked it or not. That counts big time in my book. I applaud his effort.

Chris W said...

Thanks Hack, I like to think of myself as a pragmatist.

I've also received some flak from the Paulbots who can't wrap their minds around Ron Paul's concession.

I suggested they get on board with Gary Johnson it they want to send a message to the Republiocrats but for them it's Ron Paul or nothing.

They still don't get that it is about the message and not the messenger.

Silverfiddle said...

I think those "Winning!" commenters at The Daily Paul were all Charlie Sheen...