Saturday, May 5, 2012

At what point does the political debate move beyond mere politics?

What defines a nation? "Language, Borders, and Culture" are how radio host Micheal Savage describes it. I'd like to add another. "A common vision".

Presently, there is no common vision in the United States. There are those who openly desire European style socialism, a nanny state, and the power and needs of the state over the individual. This view is completely counter to every principle the nation was founded on. And there are people who firmly believe in the sacred right of the individual and a society and government rooted in that principle. Between these two completely polarizing camps, there are no bridges to be built. There is no common vision for the future.

Speaking with some liberals, and listening to and reading their comments, I find it harder and harder to find common ground across a wide array of issues. To name just a few:

Abortion: No issue is more important to me than abortion, and speaking to a person who supports the practice is infuriating at times. These people truly believe there is no value or human quality to both early and late stages of pregnancy and that the choice of the mother trumps the right to the life the human being she carries possesses. These people view a human being in the making as a "bunch of cells". When arguing that unborn children, even in the earliest stages, possess intricate and unique DNA structure, they say "so does a tumor". With people that argue the moral basis for unborn humans to be destroyed, comparing them to tumors and other unwanted objects...there are no bridges to be built.

Race Relations: There are people who firmly believe that American society is inherently racist towards anyone of non-European descent. Anyone with white skin is a born racist and anyone with other-than-white skin is a victim deserving of reparations for heinous acts committed hundreds of years ago. These people further a sickening racial double standard, segregating themselves from the rest of society in their own racial groups while continually criticizing anyone else not of their color for petty things not even relating to race. They view everything in terms of race. With people like this...there are no bridges to be built.

Religion: Whether you want to admit it or not, Christianity is and always has been a founding pillar for The United States. Liberals hate this and will always trump up revisionist history in order to wipe clean from the historical record the deep faith in the Christian religion the majority of the Founding Fathers proudly exhibited. Christianity is and always has been under attack by these people, while other religions, such as Islam, are tenaciously defended. Why? Because Christianity represents a threat to them. Because Christianity is an underlying piece of our very culture. And because, as Barack Obama himself said, they wish to "transform" our nation from a society with common morals based in the teachings of Jesus, to a secular humanist society with no moral compass. With people who are working hard to fundamentally alter the morality of the nation, there are no bridges to be built.

Regarding our current president, the level of airheaded-ness of those who follow Him is astonishing, appalling, disgusting, and downright creepy. Barack Obama is the most far left president in our nation's history, well schooled and trained in the philosophy and principles of Karl Marx, bred from an early age by those closest to him to hate the traditional principles of America, and currently in the process of "transforming" America into a socialist, government run society free from the "constraints of the Constitution". Free from the evil Christians. Free from capitalism. A place with no cultural identity and a relativist interpretation of just about everything. These people desire a new America, an Obama America. The entitlement America where every desire is a human right that should be subsidized by the government. No bridges can be built with these people. This isn't just another Democrat like Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter. This is a closet Communist who hates the nation. And he might very well win a second term. How is this possible? What has our country come to? It's like some awful nightmare, but this is real.

Before, Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, still shared somewhat of a common vision for the country. That doesn't exist now. Both sides are moving in completely opposite directions. I don't even attempt to argue with liberals and Obama supporters anymore. What's the point? They might as well be living in Tasmania and myself in Luxembourg. Usually, the debate only leaves both parties angrier than when they started. It is a futile effort highlighting the fundamental divide that transcends mere politics.


Kid said...

Abortion, Agreed.

Racism, The black people already got their reparations. KBJ stole the SS fund and gave it to them through welfare, still happening today of course.

Religion, It is simple to be a conservative and not be religious at all. I don't have any complaint with people where religious or not, as long as they respect others, the backbone of law. Any sane person has to agree that the struggle between good and evil has and will always exist on this rock - pick a side.

As far as talking to liberals, it cannot be done. They're brat children only interested in themselves. Facts only get in their way.

Silverfiddle said...

If you think about it, none of these issues belong at the federal level.

We have laws protecting the rights of all, but the federal government can't leave it at that. They must turn abortion into a liberal sacrament, and all manner of liberal activists infest various federal departments.

Our problems won't begin to be solved until the federal government takes a 50% cut.

Hack said...

Kid, with regards to religion I respect your views completely and all other atheist/agnostic conservatives. Liberal Christian haters could learn much from non religious conservatives! The difference being they want to abolish Christianity altogether! It's a culture war.

Hack said...

Silver, if only that could happen and we could return to state sovereignty. The liberals can have their liberal states with rampant abortion, redistribution of wealth, and welfare out the wazoo and the conservatives can have their conservative states with low taxes, no gun control, and the like. My next post is going to be along these lines highlighting why my liberal utopia of Illinois is the worst state in the nation.

Kid said...

Hack, Sorry if I misread, though your reply was perfect. I'm not atheist, but it's hard to describe what I am.
Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness. There are a whole lot of subjects no included in those three concepts.
When I wrote my comment, I was hitting back against the other side's constant drone of putting conservatives in a very small box.
You never hear conservative it seems. It's always religious right, evangelical conservatives, etc. Like anything else they want to portray the other side as people who want to control them.

I don't care what anyone does as long as it's legal, and sometimes illegal, and I don't have to pay for it perpetuity.

I appreciate your tolerance. We need to verbalize that more.

Hack said...

I couldn't agree more!

Kid said...

Thanks for reading through my typing errors.:)

Eddie Howell said...

Excellent article. I will likely be a frequent visitor to this blog.

Hack said...

Thanks Eddie! I added you to my favorites. Feel free to add us to your blogroll.