Friday, November 6, 2009

My recap of the Fort Hood Jihad Attack

And yes, that is exactly what it is. I just watched a report by ABC News that was somehow correlating the events of yesterday to the ongoing strain the military is under by the wars overseas. I might be able to understand this point of view if we were dealing with Bob Jones of Topeka, Kansas. Instead we are dealing with Nidal Malik Hassan, born of Palestinian parents, shouting "Allahu Akbar!" while shooting, who has said Muslims should stand up to fight the aggressor (America), who has repeatedly and vociferously criticized the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and even sympathized with Muslim suicide bombers.

All this points to one thing and one thing only. The same ideology that caused 9/11 and the same ideology that caused the bombings in London, Madrid, Beslan, Bali, and Kenya. The same ideology that fuels violence in nearly every Islamic country in the world. If you fail to put the pieces together you are less than a small child putting together a 6 piece puzzle of a giraffe.

It pains me to see something like this happen. I have friends stationed at Fort Hood. It is almost more painful to see fellow brothers and sisters killed here at home where they should be safe, and killed by another soldier. But what is even more shocking and appalling to me is the blatant denial I've seen in the media as they deviate from the real source of this shooting.


THIS WAS A MUSLIM TERRORIST ATTACK ON AMERICA. Not some byproduct of extensive strain on the military or because he was called a "camel jockey" by fellow soldiers as Micheal Moore would like you to believe (Waaaaaaaaa!!!) or because of some pre conceived conspiracy plot by the government to frame Hasan, demonize the Muslim enemy, and reinvigorate support for the war.

What is even more scary and downright DISGUSTING is Obama's initial lack of interest or sympathy after the shooting...

...and his BS line saying we should not jump to conclusions!

Way to go Obama. Keep proving to America just how much of a dumbass you really are.

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