Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama's Blind Business Spot

I was led to this link via What Makes Us Right. This graph should be plastered all over the internet.

Virtually no business/working experience whatsoever. Nothing! Government, government, government. It's all they know. And they expect us to believe they represent the middle class, the "working man"? Ha!

I don't think any of these airheads could change the oil in their own car.


foutsc said...

Very interesting graph. Kennedy, Carter, Clinton, Obama, all democrats, bring in "the best and brightest" from academia.

A democratic white house attracts all the pointy headed liberals anxious to try out their theories.

The free market would never allow any of these bozos to get close to anything important, so government is the only place they can experiment with their junk science schemes.

Hack said...

Yes, I noticed the same thing.

Donald Borsch Jr. said...


I am in love with this chart.

Mind if I "acquire" it for Political Integrity Now? I promise I'll give you a proper h/t.

Always a pleasure to see what you have cooking...

Donald in Bethel, CT

Hack said...

Yeah have at it!

Donald Borsch Jr. said...

Done deal. I gave you credit, of course!

See it at PIN, once it's officially published.

Hack said...

You got it buddy! I appreciate it!