Saturday, November 14, 2009

How far will Obama stoop? Inside the leftist mind.

First the embarrassing show of weakness to the Saudis and now this! What's next? Obama groveling at the feet of Putin himself? Or maybe Ahmedinejad? These public displays of inferiority and cowardice by our very own President to foreign leaders are a golden portrayal of the American liberal psyche. Granted, this is not Obama's intention at all. But Obama is a pathological narcissist and media whore desperate for attention and acceptance. He is a pushover. He is an appeaser. He is an apologizer. Obama is a two faced liar. He is an empty suit. He is a PRODUCT with an attractive face created, manufactured, and sold to the American people like Kraft sells Macaroni and Cheese. Leftists are not proud of America. In fact they hate it. They hate it and what it stands for. They hate its principles. They hate its Christian heritage. They hate seeing patriotic people waving flags and showing support to our military. They hate our capitalist tradition and the fact that "evil" corporatism has propped up the executive at the expense of the blue collar worker. They feel our Constitution is an obsolete "piece of paper" unfit for the modern world. They would go to the United Nations and seek diplomacy before rushing to defend America from a threat. They fear world criticism and would sacrifice American lives for global acceptance. They think we are are the cause of everything bad in this world (ex. Islamic terrorism is the result of American influence in Arab nations). And so, as a result, they apologize for our wrongdoings to the world, they work to limit our power so we can exist peacefully in a global society, and they bow before foreign leaders in order for acceptance. The far left sickens me. They will be the ones who will rush to the side of the globalists when the time comes, gladly sacrificing American sovereignty and freedom for "world peace".

This video from the Honorable Reverend James David Manning (who was banned from Youtube a month ago) sums up the absolute spinelessness of Obama and the left.....

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