Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mass. School Sets Up Christmas Giftshop for Kids, Except No Christmas Included

This was passed along to me by a regular reader and great American, Donald Borsch Jr. Thank you!

Mass. school has totally sterilized “Holiday Gift Shop”

CHELMSFORD – After meeting with members of the Byam Elementary School PTO, two mothers asking to put the holidays back into the school’s annual holiday gift shop say Byam isn’t budging.

Kathryn McMillan and Kathleen Cullen, who both have children at Byam, asked school officials to allow all holiday items at the gift shop following a ban on Santa, candy canes, stockings, and all Christmas, Hanukkah and other “religious items.”
But a meeting with some PTO parents on Thursday night grew heated as emotions got in the way.
Red and green tissue paper to wrap presents was also crossed off the list because it looked too “Christmasy,” McMillan said.

“One of the parents said, ‘If we allow Santa, what do we say if a child brings in a swastika? Do we allow that too?’ ” McMillan said. “All I could think of was, are you kidding? You’re comparing a Christmas ornament to a swastika? It seems as if reason is lost somewhere and I just hope we can find it again.”

Superintendent Donald Yeoman told The Sun on Tuesday that the rules for the gift shop are under the authority of Byam Principal Jane Gilmore. Ultimately, said Yeoman, the policy for the gift shop was set so no child would feel left out.
“It’s operated under those same rules for a number of years with success and without complaint,” Yeoman said.

As the High Priest Caiaphas said in an old Bible cartoon I used to watch as a kid......"BLASPHEMYYYYYY!"

Blasphemy towards the great celebration of Christmas. You get to a point where you can become so tolerant that you are intolerant. They spend so much time and effort trying not to offend people, that they DO offend people! You would think, being the educated, enlightened, and tolerant liberals they are, they would realize this simple fact. They are raping Christmas. And raping it hard. The one parent's correlation of swastikas to Santa is a PRIME example of liberal idiocy. Let me reread that again just to ingest all of the sheer stupidity: "If we allow Santa, what do we say if a child brings in a swastika? Do we allow that too?" Yeah, maybe if good ole St. Nick starts throwing little children in ovens and making lampshades out of their skin. That parent's poor children. Aside from the fact that this idiot would likely have no problem if a Soviet hammer and sickle was present in the classroom they also exhibit a severe deficiency in brain cells.

I guess what I want to know is, why call it a "holiday" gift shop in the first place? If you suck out everything that defines the holiday season for the sake of tolerance, you are left with a empty, hollow void with the vestigial word "Holiday" stamped on it. The sad part is, they are alienating the majority in order to cater to a minority that makes up a minute fraction of the population.

Expect more smelly liberal stink like this to come as the, ahem.....CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! (sorry just had to let that out) season approaches. Happy Christmahannukwanzaa. Oh wait, now THAT's not even allowed.

Political correctness sucks.


A Conservative Unclogged Blog said...

YES, people are falls in line with the same people who pitch fits over "unsightly" laundry flapping in the wind....see my post.

I think it boils down to this....


No, wait take out the childishness part, I don't want to insult children because they don't even act this STUPID.

This is the reason my kids are educated at home....I want them to have a brain left! This is just another thing that is going to cause blood to squirt out of my tear ducts

Donald Borsch Jr. said...


If political correctness sucked any worse, it would be called Hooverism.

Get it? Hoover,..vacuum,,...yes, it was way more funny in my head.

Cheers, Donald

The Watcher said...

I think Berke Breathed's character Opus said it best: 'Offensensitivity' (scroll to near the bottom of the page).