Monday, November 2, 2009

'Antichrist' movie "is the most beautiful piece of muddled art you might never see"


It just goes to show you how desensitized people have become that a movie crammed full of explicit sexual imagery, sadomasochism, sexual mutilation, and other horrific acts can pass as "beautiful art". Maybe I'm a simpleton, but to me a movie whose sole purpose and motivation is to shock the viewer through perpetual and graphic depictions of such acts is not art, but plain EVIL. This movie makes Hostel and Saw look like Disney cartoons. And it's beyond me why Lars Von Trier is thought to be some brilliant genius with a mysterious secret message in this movie. You know, sometimes people just think too much.


Jim McKee said...

Just one more step along the path towards "Idiocracy" (if you saw that movie).

Left Coast Rebel said...

You may judge a culture by it's art.

-Ayn Rand