Sunday, January 25, 2015

Alex Jones: American Sniper "brainwashes the public into accepting war".

The success of American Sniper has brought out the scumbag in lots of people. It's not surprising to see it from the likes of Micheal "snipers are cowards" Moore. It's equally not surprising from the scumsucking master of manipulation Alex Jones. This is a guy who will use literally any tragedy to his advantage. He is proof that there are idiots on the far right, just as there are the far left. And of course, he has to the defend the honor of his main expert in all things Jesse Ventura. Sometimes I wonder about those two.

Alex Jones took to Facebook Sunday to "expose" American Sniper for being a big long military recruiting ad to brainwash people to support war and get people to join the military. He also called it "Bush era war propaganda" and "war porn for the sheep".

Because nothing says "lets have more wars!" and "Join the army!" like seeing how the horrors of war can tear a man up inside.

I'm guessing Alex and his military hating friends didn't see the movie. If they did, they'd see that it's actually the opposite. It shows that war is hell, and something that can break even the strongest of men. American Sniper is about as much of a war propaganda film as An Inconvenient Truth is a film showing the benefits of coal production.


Gorges Smythe said...

Some folks can always be "counted on."

Fredd said...

I simply have to take a pass on all of this American Sniper controversy, Hack. I can't watch war movies anymore. Having spent more than a decade on active duty in the US Army, all I do when I watch war flicks is to nitpick their uniforms, language, military cultural nuances, weapons, vehicles, etc.

All of these flicks; Platoon, Apocalypse Now, Blackhawk Down, Three Kings, Full Metal Jacket, Saving Private Ryan, all of 'em were chock full of errors. I hated them all.

Additionally, I don't consider it to be entertainment to sit and watch horror of war for two hours and call it relaxation.

Then again, I liked Kelly's Heroes and Heartbreak Ridge. Never say never, I guess. Must be a Clint Eastwood thing.

Good to have you back, Hack.

The Conservative Lady said...

Hi Hack. I was surprised to see your blog update on my blogroll. Glad to see you back. I stopped blogging for awhile, too, and have just gotten back into it somewhat. More FB than blog lately.
Anyway, I'm hoping to go see "American Sniper" tomorrow. Michael Moore & Alex Jones can bad mouth the movie all they want. It's not changing the fact that Americans are paying lots of money to see this film and are proud of(and grateful for)the brave men, like Chris Kyle, who risk their lives for us. Moore & Jones aren't worthy to lick the boots of our military.