Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back from training.

So I returned home from my month long Uncle Sam funded "excursion" to the barren wasteland we Army folk like to refer to as Fort Polk late last night. I'd love to share with you all of the training and experiences I got there but due to OPSEC (Operational Security) I cannot divulge much. I did receive great training, made some awesome friendships, and ate more MRE's and greasy army eggs and bacon than I can count. Blegh.

I had numerous political talks with all kinds of soldiers, and what I heard from them only reaffirms my opinion that the military is almost entirely anti-Obama. Most people in the Army are conservatives with a little something the hooligans in liberal la la land have obviously never heard of: common sense.

If there's one thing I have learned from the Army it is that the only true cure to racism is to have a sense of humor when it comes to racial slurs, stereotypes, and jokes.

The Army is full of people of all races and backgrounds. I have made friends with blacks, hispanics, asians, arabs, native Americans, and just about every mix in between. When you wake up, eat, train, and sleep together you develop a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie that makes skin color a total non issue. Seeing as most leftists have never served in the military and hate it all together, it is no wonder they cannot understand this.

I met black people that told black jokes that left people rolling on the floor. I met a Puerto Rican that couldn't talk without stereotyping his race in hilarious fashion. I met an Asian that described himself as a twinkie: yellow on the outside, and white on the inside. And it wasn't just them.

How dare they! Someone call the NAACP! Where's Al Sharpton?

All I could think of while conversing with these fellow soldiers is that this is how it should be. People should be comfortable enough to make fun of their own race and have a sense of humor without some uptight liberal wetting their pants. The issue of race is totally erased when you can have a sense of humor about it. It's just sad some of those on the left cannot understand this. They spend most all their energy whining about non existent racism and so called intolerance coming from the conservative right.

It's ironic really. Just days before leaving, I was chastised by some bedwetting liberal on a facebook group for posting the Obama "Swine Flew" joke. For those of you who don't know it, it goes like this:

"I was always told a black man would never become president until pigs could fly. Well Obama became president, and behold 30 days in, Swine Flu."

A few days later down at training I heard this very same joke...told by one of my black friends, which made it all the funnier. Wait, is he racist? No, he just has a sense of humor. Like me. Too bad the liberal who bent over backwards to call me a "KKK Nazi" for telling that joke cannot grasp such a concept as humor. The liberals' brains must be jam packed full of too much BS to accommodate such an inconceivable notion, unless of course it involves Rush Limbaugh or George W. Bush dying.

In summary, it's great to be back and I look forward to blogging again! I won't lie. It was nice being away from the news for a while and not seeing Obama's face or hearing his disgusting voice for 3 weeks straight. But now it's back to the grind! And oh, it looks like there's a lot going on!

Oh yeah. It's also nice to have a flushing toilet again.


Adrienne said...

Glad you're back. You were missed.

I'm with you on that whole "taking offense" thingy. I believe it is a bi-product of our PC culture. Now when I hear someone saying they are "offended", I tell them that their taking offense is offensive to me.

Honestly, people sound like a bunch of whiny-babies. And to see grown men in our government doing the whining is embarrassing. They need to grow a pair.

Soloman said...

Welcome back... it's quite the firestorm right now.

Related to your experience of colorblindness amongst your fellow soldiers, I work with a couple of people of Hispanic descent, and they tell the best Mexican jokes and love to tell them.

Go figure.


I wish the Navy was the same way. It's so PC it makes me sick. I better not say anymore about the Navy. Good to have you back.

Daphne Of Argos said...

Welcome back Hack.
It's nice to hear that those in the military have a sense of humor, while those in Washington, apparently don't. They are too fast to play the race card it's not funny.

Anyways, welcome back

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Hack!

You weren't training in one of those "domestic terrorism" brigades were you? (JK) That's the latest kook stuff from the far right...

Anyway, this was a great post, and you have nailed it.

Anywhere in the US where it is like the US military, there are no racial and cultural hangups, and military people of all variety are the least sensitive and least prejudiced people in the world.

Why? Because the military is a meritocracy. You can either do the job or you can't. Nobody cares what color, gender or religion you are as long as you can fix my truck or radio, or you can teach me the combat skill I need to stay alive.

If you can't do the job, being white (or black, or female or Latino) won't keep you from getting bounced.

The US Military is egalitarianism at its best. Thanks for the great post, and again, welcome back!

Bob said...

You have a very important and poignant point, as always. I find the same experience wherever I go. Respect people, respect their tradition as we expect ours. The uber-leftist PC attitude is applice to every word except obama and his "shoutouts" (My dad, 97, asked me what that was - and he said Same old Sh_t)

Gorges Smythe said...

I never served in the military, but I had a father, several uncles and some cousins that did. In case no one's said it lately, thanks for what you do and God bless you.

Proof said...

Welcome back! You'll need your sense of humor if you haven't been following the news lately!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Yay! Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

I'm linking to this post and doing my own post on it Sunday... Stay tuned!

What Makes Us Right said...

welcome back,

appreciate the insight into the military view of BO. Sorry you have to serve while this cat is in playing president.

DeanO said...

Good to have you home soldier to the surreal world of blogs, rants and the real news

Snarky Basterd said...

Amen. I saw this over at Silverfiddle's place. The three of us know that when you serve your country in the military you are among brothers (brothers in arms, not brothers from the hood, though you could say you are all brothers from another mother). You can't have issues with someone's skin color when you're depending on them to fight (and die, if necessary) for you. Libtards wouldn't know anything about this because they don't give a crap about defending this country, or their fellow "brother."

Hack said...

Thank you all!

The_Kid said...

Great to hear the political make up of the military.