Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LA Teacher's Obama worship seeping into classroom.

Yet another story of the Obama cult invading schools. An LA teacher leading her flock of Oba-aaaaa-aaa-aaama sheep.

Mr. Obama, Can We Come and Visit You?

Mia Henry wants to teach Barack Obama how to use iPhoto. She wants to show the president how to take pictures and create podcasts, just like she does as a member of the Barack Obama Digital Media Team, a group of students from Crenshaw High School who are determined to get invited to the White House.

"I'd also tell him of my dreams to go to college, so I can work with autistic children as a child psychologist," Henry said.

Using Barack Obama as inspiration, teacher Daphne Bradford has created projects Crenshaw and Dorsey high schools -- schools in poverty-ridden sections of Los Angeles -- to engage students to learn technological and cooking skills.

At Crenshaw High, students on the Barack Obama Digital Media Team use technology to create digital art inspired by the president. They call it their Journey to the White House campaign. Members of the team have received digital media certification in Apple's iLife software suite.

"I use President Obama's inspiration and his digital media savvy as inpiration in the classroom pretty much every day," Bradford said. "He is our 21st Century president."

At Doresy High, Bradford worked with the school's culinary arts department to create the Dorsey High School Obama Chefs.

First, students prepared nutritious lunches for Obama volunteers during the stretch run of the presidential campaign last year -- Bradford was a South Los Angeles campaign manager for the Obama campaign. Now, the program has led to a web-based television show, Cooking Live with Dorsey High.


Wow! That is really something else. Apparently now, any teacher is free to incorporate their political views into the classroom as much as they want. It's sad really, these kids need SOMEONE ELSE, whom they think represents them, to push them to succeed. Just like the vomit inducing video of a bunch of ignorant black boys marching and dressed in Obama uniforms saying "because of Obama, I can do blah blah blah blah." Because of Obama? Why, you can't do anything on your own? Figures. Am I being hateful? No, of course not. I think it's great for these kids to get involved and work at achieving something. But doing it solely for OBAMA? Is that the only motivation kids have these days? I say FIRE Daphne Bradford and get a teacher in there that actually teaches, without trying to deliberately indoctrinate their students in the process. Here is Ms. Bradford's Youtube Channel, fittingly called 'Obamateacher'! Try to watch without spewing all over your keyboard.

When I see the masses of ignorant sheep, and not just the youth, I always think of this video...

Oh and by the way, did anyone notice the poll to the right of the article?


Teresa said...

Alright, that video almost made me puke. What a bunch of Obamabots, OMG. How freaking sickening!

Opus #6 said...

The Obamabots are plain scary.

But I bet they run scared when they see real Americans. Just a thought.